How Lawsuit Loans Can Help Plaintiffs Deal With Stressful Defense Tactics

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Lawsuits are hard enough on plaintiffs—they have to deal with the legal process and whatever painful incident spurned the lawsuit in the first place. However, what most plaintiffs don’t prepare themselves for are certain defense tactics that can put a strain on the plaintiff. Lawsuit loans can help deal with tactics and can make proving their case less stressful. So, what are some defense tactics to look out for?

They’ll try to dig up dirt. Depending on the scale of your lawsuit, the defense will most likely look into your personal in order to discredit you. They’ll try to talk to family, friends, and people who maybe aren’t so friendly towards you and don’t mind talking about it. Also, the rise of social media has played a big role in the legal process—all kinds of courtroom battles are bringing in evidence from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The defense can use these sites to discredit you by using things you may have posted and insinuate things about your frame of mind around the time of the incident in question. You should never let this tactic intimidate you from going through with your lawsuit, but be prepared to have your personal life dissected. Lawsuit loans can help deal with this because having your personal life on display like this can be incredibly stressful—and then you have financial stresses to deal with as well. This level of stress can wear on a plaintiff and make them accept a lower offer just to get the ordeal over with. Getting funding from your settlement can help the plaintiff stay financially afloat and therefore more confident to face the defense.

They’ll try to drag the lawsuit out. Defendants are typically companies or individuals who have more money and patience to fight out a lawsuit than the plaintiff. No matter what type of lawsuit, court battles can be financially straining on plaintiffs. Personal injury plaintiffs may have medical bills or wrongful termination plaintiffs may have to deal with lost wages. The defense will take their time arguing things like negligence in the case of a personal injury lawsuit, issues of fault, or other facets that can take some time. Why? Because the longer the lawsuit drags out, the more financial strain the plaintiff faces. Lawsuits can last years. Would you be financially prepared to battle in court for this long? Defendants will count on this strain to force the plaintiff to either accept a low offer or even dismiss the lawsuit. How a lawsuit loan can help is that it allows plaintiffs to use the money from their settlement to help pay these bills. This way, a plaintiff can take the time they need to get a settlement they deserve.

Staying financially healthy is always a smart legal strategy. Every plaintiff should make sure to weigh their financial options before going into a lawsuit, and a lawsuit loan could be the best option.

About the Author: Steven Medvin is the Executive Director of SMP Advance Funding, LLC, which provides lawsuit funding to individuals who need a lawsuit loan for pending lawsuits. For more information please visit